Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ketamine update - Special oKasions

If you read my previous post about ketamine, it might look like I had a pretty un-enjoyable experience on it. This isn't true, it was dark at points, but overall it was an interesting experience and left me with some new ideas and perspectives (however hard they are to hold onto).

So, let me describe a really good ketamine experience I had a couple of days ago.

Sweet ketamina, my long lashed seductress. I think I might have found the bottom of ketamine. Past the spikes and memories and delusions. Down to one point. One radiating source. You are no one, and you are nowhere. There is no understanding of the outside world. Just drift here in the embryonic whirlpool. There is no identity. And this can be scary. But also liberating. There is no choice except oneness. It's much easier than acid, physically warm, more gentle visuals, more calm and even in general. None of the nuclear furnace of LSD. Here you can just trip out as much you want and know that whatever happens in your mind, it doesn't matter because there is no way you could even get off the couch. 
And then you wake up, and it was all just a fascinating dream. There is none of the bleed over you get with other psychedelics, no lingering visual disturbances. Still didn't talk to god, but I think going out into hyperspace demanding an audience with the creator doesn't usually go down so well.

If you look hard enough I think you can see me just to the left of the vortex.

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